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It never ceases to amaze me just how much today's technology has changed this business.  I've been DJ'ing since the early 80's and remember hauling 10-15 milk crates full of records to gigs. Today, all my music fits in my pocket on a hard drive no bigger than a cell phone.

My military career sent me to Nuremberg, Germany where I made a name for myself as a DJ among a few of the local clubs.  Being in Operation Desert Storm in the early 90's didn't stop me from performing.  In the middle of the Saudi Arabian Desert, armed with two dual cassette "boomboxes" and a ton of cassette tapes, I managed to raise morale by opening a club/tent/hangout that was fittingly named "The Oasis".

Whether it be big name clubs in Germany or a simple backyard party, I bring a lot of DJ experience.  Allow me to add to that experience by hiring me for your event.